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Hopeful Tomorrow

Today – my wife went back to Philippines for a business trip. I would love to come but I have work and we have strict budget to follow as we are preparing for our first grand vacation this year. 

Today also is the 5th gathering of Hope Young Professional Fellowship with Guest Speaker Joseph Huang. He said growth are normally achieved via interactions with other people.  It’s good to know the value of being attached to someone or something to have real connections. However, he also warned that we must also know how to detached especially for unhealthy things or relationships to keep our emotions in check. Life is good but we need to live wisely to be happy. 

Also today, I will be moving to our new apartment. The new one has veranda and has bigger living room to accommodate more peope in a bible study. I’m excited for God’s surprises in our new home!

And another first time today – i watched Logan with some Hope Fellowship Young Professionals in the Cinema’s first row. After the movie, i was so used to gazing upward i can’t look straight on the road. But the movie was good and I loved the fellowship. God is indeed good! And I know my wife surely enjoyed her day 1 in Philippines.