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Dragonboat Festival 2017 – GZ

​Every year Chinese celebrates Dragonboat Festival – it is more of a cultural event rather than an athletic one. Families enjoy this time to bond together and eat zongzi – a traditional sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. Whether they participate in the dragonboat ride or watch from the riverbanks, the most important thing is that they enjoy their fellowship together. 

Some Chinese also remember their ancestors during this holiday – offering incense and candles. 

But what strikes me this time was the plenty of hi-tech cameras with very long & powerful lenses. Phone cameras are like things of the past compared to these behemoths. As I was taking pictures of the scene, I focused my attention instead to the people carrying these impressive cameras. They are capturing great images – better than that of the Samsung S8 or iPhone 7 Plus can ever do. I just realized that smartphones are good but I should not decide to buy one just because of its camera performance. If I really love taking pictures, i should buy one of those DSLR cameras. 

But my iPhone 6 gets good shots – good enough for this blog anyway. I don’t think I will be upgrading to the iPhone 7 Plus in the future. As a matter of fact, an iPhone SE would be enough for my needs. 

PS – but including other phone features, i might consider Samsung S8 🙂


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