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Foshan Ancestral Temple

Foshan Ancestral Temple (also known as Foshan Zumiao) is a 900 year-old Taoist shrine which was also a center of Political power of Foshan, China in the past.  We spent around two hours exploring the compound rich in history and Lingnan style sculptures and carvings. A typical temple with great arts, a quiet place where you can see some Buddhists offer incense, or make a wish before throwing down coins – and some even disposed their 1CNY or 0.5CNY bill in the wishing well. 

For only 20CNY you can travel back in time and enjoy these beautiful works of art but what I enjoyed more were the photo collection of Chinese martial arts in the  Ip Man Tong Memorial Hall. Grandmaster Ip Man was born in Foshan and became famous on his martial arts style -some of his well-knowns students were Bruce Lee & Jacky Chan. Movies were continuously played in one area of the hall and it’s amazing that many people stayed there enjoying the free movies. Or perhaps, they are just killing time while they wait for the dragon dance show to begin. 

The area around the temple is highly commercialized and it is just beside Nova Mall so there are many food options. After a good stroll here in ancient China, enjoy the ambience and comfort of the modern world has to offer while drinking your Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. 


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